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All-in-one platform to host virtual events !

We offer a modern and easy to use platform which is an online venue for your events. Designed to deliver real engagement and best-in-class interactions. The platform can be branded in your company colours with your company logo. It also offers many opportunities for sponsors or event partners to have endorsements in prime locations on the platform, including the main stage, lounge and booths.

About the Platform


The reception area comes with a banner as standard. However, their is an option to create something a little bit more modern. Our graphics department can create  a 2D reception area that is interactive.  Click on the Sessions tab and you will be taken to the sessions page where you will see who’s speaking and at what time.


We have a selection of backgrounds to chose from, but the reception area can be branded to suit you requirements.




Delegates have easy access with simple registration. Once online delegates can watch keynote speakers, in the sessions, visit the Networking Lounge and meet other delegates, speakers and  exhibitors. They can also visit Exhibitors  Booths and meet representitives face to face.

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This area allows you to interact with other event participants and hop between tables to meet new people and network. The virtual tables can hold up to 8 participants & workshops up to 50 participants Use tables for sales pitches and consultations to engage visitors. 


Tables can also be branded with Corporate Logos


Speakers can present live on the day or do a home recording. Speakers who choose to present live will be given access to the platform in advance, so they can upload their slides and practice their presentation. Those who wish to do a pre or home recording will be advised on what software to use and how to get the best possible recording.


The booths section is a virtual space where multiple booths can be set up and visited by participants to interact with exhibitors. 

The exhibiton space and tables encourage delegates to interact, which may lead to generating leads.

The booth has striking features for demos and discussions, company collaterals showcase, like brochures, whitepapers, flyers, etc., and a CTA to receive interest from the visitors.

Increase your event ROI by encouraging exhibitors to stand in a virtual booth exhibition area. 

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