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Frequently Asked Questions

In preparation for your event, please find below the information that we hope you will find useful.

  1. Have a stable and good internet connection
  2. Use a laptop and Google Chrome to join for the best viewing experience. You can download Google Chrome here
  3. If you have difficulties accessing the platform, please try another browser (Microsoft Edge or Firefox v76 or higher)
  4. If you are unable to access the platform, you may need to turn off your firewall.
  5. If joining via your workplace desktop, you may experience connection/sound issues due to your workplace firewall.
  6. You can also access the platform using the Airmeet app, available to download from the AppStore or Google Play
  7. If you have difficulty seeing the speaker’s Feed, refresh the page/restart browser, and ensure that you close any other video conferencing tool you may have used recently.
  8. Internet Speed Test – We suggest you do an internet speed test to see what speed you get from your provider. You can check your speed here 
  9. If you are a speaker, then your upload speed needs to be a minimum of 5mbps.
  • Event planning, set up, management and delivery
  • Modern virtual event platform, suitable for virtual and hybrid events
  • Branded Sponsors & Exhibition booths, networking tables
  • Features such as live chats, polling, social networking lounge with branded tables
  • Registration using a variety of Apps including Eventbrite
  • Event branding
  • Branded backdrops, graphic overlays, multi-camera views
  • Post Event analysis
  • Access to Speakers Videos after the event
  • Support before and after the event

Six weeks prior – Information for the Landing page:

  • Description About the event
  • Artwork for the Landing page
  • Artwork for the registration page
  • Link to the exhibitors’ form
  • Link to the speakers’ form
  • Set up the registration page

Four weeks prior:

  • Email speakers that may be doing a recorded presentation and set a date and time for the recording
  • Exhibitors information will be added to the platform 
  • Speakers Information will be added to the platform.

Three weeks prior:

  • Training with speakers on how to join sessions and do a presentation using PPT, Keynote Etc.
  • Training with panellists on how to join the sessions and take part
  • Client to check over the information within the platform

Before going public:

  • Handover the Landing Page to the client
  • The client checks content and signs off the Landing Page

Two weeks prior:

  • All pre-recordings should be uploaded to our server so the presenter and client can view the videos and sign them off before they go out on air! 
  • Run through the schedule with the client
  • Record Moderator or the Host announcements or messages

One week prior:

  • Detailed Run through of the schedule with the client
  • Rehearsals with all speakers and panellists

Sponsors Logos are placed on the Landing page of the platform. You can also put sponsors logos on tables in the lounge area.

Sponsors Logos – Recommended dimensions – 400px*96px 

Gold Sponsors – the preferred size of the logo, can be extended to 1000px*200px.

Table Logos – 144px*56px

Supported formats JPEG, PNG, and SVG.

To create a booth we will need details on each exhibitor, company name, email address Etc. We have an online form where exhibitors can enter their details and upload a company logo and this will go straight to our portal. The link to this form will be given to you when you book our services. Here is an example form –

Table Logo – Recommended dimensions – 144px*56px or 720px*280px 

Booth Banner, the recommended dimensions are – 1536px X 1040px

Supported formats – JPEG, PNG, SVG

Manage event entry: choose who can enter the event.

  • anyone with an event link – the event link is a standard URL
  • anyone with an event link after login – delegates will be required to register
  • invited participants only – please see below:

The stage backdrop is a static banner image that can be shown on the Airmeet Stage. It is displayed when a session is in progress and is visible to all attendees. An organizer can add as many Stage Backdrops as they want for the event.

Create a backdrop according to the specified design guidelines shown below.

Optimize your backdrop design for the right dimensions:1868px wide and 1328px tall, which includes a visible area for 1868px X 280px where you can put your event details, sponsors logo, branding elements, etc. as per your convenience. 

If your uploaded image is smaller than these dimensions, Airmeet will stretch it to cover the stage.

BoothRecommended banner dimensions – 1936px*668px


Logo Sizes / Formats

  • Landing Page Banner 800x 525px
  • Venue Banner 2100 x 668px
  • Event Logo 84 x 84px
  • Gold Sponsors – 1000 x 200px
  • Event Partners/Sponsor/Booth Logo – 400 x 96px
  • Table Logo 144x56px

Supported formats – JPEG, PNG, SVG

All speakers will have a speaker profile. To create this, we will need information such as the speakers’ name, email address, speakers Bio and a headshot photograph. This information can be uploaded to our portal using our online form. We will send the link to you to put in your newsletter or on your website.  Here is an example form –

When it comes to live events, it’s well known that we should rehearse, rehearse and rehearse. To ensure speakers know what to do and are familiar with the platform, we suggest each speaker takes the time to log on and take part in a 20-minute demonstration of how the platform works.

One of our technicians will show the speakers how to share their screen and do a PowerPoint presentation. We will also show them the backstage area and what happens prior to them going live on the day.

As a speaker you will be given step-by-syep training on how to use the platform, this will take no more than 20 minutes. We will show you how to log on and do a presentation with either PowerPoint or Google slides.

Speakers are required to be backstage 15 minutes prior to going live. One of our technical team will be backstage to make sure that all speakers involved in the session are ready.

Should you opt for a recorded presentation, then we have a studio where we can connect speakers over the Internet and record their presentations.  Alternatively, we can suggest software that will allow them to make a home recording. The video file can then be uploaded to our portal for playback at your event.


We can accept various formats including H264, MP4, MPEG4, and .MOV – Your video can be uploaded to our portal.



Panel discussions can have up to 8 people on stage at any one time. Delegates can use the session feed to start conversations, and the speaker can encourage people to ask questions using the Q & A button. The platform also has the facilities for running Polls which we can show on the screen.

Please remember that one of our team will be backstage to welcome and make sure all speakers are relaxed and ready to take part in the panel discussions.

Workshops are held in the lounge area. The seats can be changed from 8 to 50 which allows a Zoom type meeting between delegates 

We can run up to 5 parallel sessions at any time with no limit on delegates. Unfortunately we are unable to assign people to workshops automatically, I’m sure we can get all delegates to where they need to easily.

Push notifications can be used throughout your event, we can push any notifications out at anytime, all you have to do is provide us with the information. 

How do I prepare my network?

The Platform works with WebRTC which is a rather new technology that might require some network configuration within larger companies with secured firewalls. Here are the items you will need to check with your IT department:

Required: –
Open TCP port 443
Whitelist the following domains
Ping to should be successful.

Optional / Recommended (VPN/Firewall Access)

To access Airmeet from a location with restricted network access, it is recommended that the network administrator allows UDP traffic for a better experience. For allowing UDP traffic, your network should allow traffic to and from the following domains and ports.

Third-party domains for real-time communications
TCP: 80; 443; 3433; 4700 – 5000; 5668; 5669; 6080; 6443; 8667; 9130; 9131; 9140; 9591; 9593; 9601; 9667; 30011 – 30013
UDP: 3478; 4700 – 5000