Highlands and Islands Students' Association

Our overview

Our first virtual event of 2022 was for the Highlands and Islands Student Association in Inverness. The event organisers had planned a hybrid event in Aviemore but switched to a virtual event last minute due to Government lockdown regulations. With around two weeks to the event, we pulled together a branded virtual platform with delegate registration, reception area and a lounge for speakers and delegates to network in.


This was a three-day conference with around 30 keynote speakers and 150 delegates taking part. The speakers ensured that the delegates were kept active throughout the meeting by using functions such as the Live Chat, Q & A, Polls, Raise Hand, and Emojis, all part of the platform’s features. However, Mentimeter & Jamboard were also used to interact with delegates throughout the conference

Challenges & solutions


Create a three-day Virtual Conference, Branded in Corporate Colours with 30 Keynote speakers and 150 delegates in less than two weeks.

Over the last two years, we have streamlined how we collect speakers details, such as Bios, Headshots, etc. Speakers are given a link to an online form, so they can upload their information directly to our portal. This reduces the number of emails that the event organiser and ourselves receive.



Provide clear joining instructions for delegates of all ages.


We produced two short explainer videos. The first was on how to register and join the platform and the second was instructions on how to use the platform’s key features, such as Live chat, Polls, etc.


Make sure that 30 speakers are comfortable using the platform and presenting their slides.

Most of our events are Live, so speakers must get the time to rehearse beforehand. The Greenroom is very popular as it allows speakers to practice at any time. However, we do have drop-in sessions before the event where our technicians are on hand to help and advise.


About HISA

The Highlands and Islands Students’ Association (HISA) represents all higher and further education students across the University of the Highlands and Islands (UHI) and its 13 partners. HISA is run by students, for students, we exist to make sure your student experience is the best it can be! We want to ensure you have a strong and valued voice at your college and across UHI. Our team of Student Officers is elected by you, to represent your views from the classroom right up to the University Court!

About the event

HISA Con is a multi-day Conference for YOU, the student representatives of the UHI! This year, the Conference theme is ‘Exploring Post Covid Communities’ – this includes economically, educationally, mentally and socially – all contributing factors of life post a national pandemic. Do you have thoughts about how this might look? Do you have questions? Do you have some excellent ideas? We want to hear from you!


The event flags the introduction of new policy, ensuring that students can vote on and make democratic decisions about their future study at the UHI, to make change and have their voices heard. This year, the Conference will be held Online! Which means we can have as many people as possible attending from all across the Highlands, Islands and further afield! We encourage as many people as possible to log in and join us from the comfort of their homes or Colleges! Expect to leave feeling empowered, expect to leave with new friends and expect to be proud to be part of the UHI community!


On the day, everything was incredibly professional and the platform received excellent feedback. The platform was extremely user friendly.

Emma Harrison, Activities Manager



How was your overall experience working with the Global Events 247 Team?

They pulled our event together in a matter of weeks and pulled this off. On the day, everything was incredibly professional and the platform received excellent feedback. The platform was extremely user-friendly. Karen was very fast to respond to emails, added information on and made changes. It’s great to work with other organizations that are so reactive, thank you!  Speaker Forms: The speakers forms were awesome, so easy to use.